How Much Does it Cost to Get a Business License in the US


How Much Does it Cost to Get a Business License in the US

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In order for a person to be able to open up a business in the United States of America, he needs to get a legal business license first. Failure to comply with the applicable laws can lead to capital punishments. Rather way, getting it done is very easy and hassle-free.

First, the applicant must be aware on where he wants to open the business because that will be the same place where he should file the business license. Double check on what municipality the desired location of the business is standing on. You can be fully guided with this on the website of US Small Business Administration.

Second, the applicant should know his business code. There are various codes that represent different kinds of business, so it is very crucial to know this before applying. Next, the applicant must obtain the application forms which can be downloaded from the SBA’s website or can be picked up at the city hall of the municipality. Other requirements are listed on these application forms.

Once the forms are obtained, the applicant must fill them up. Most people choose the option where they fill the information online and then print the completed form to avoid erasures and hassles in writing. This is where you will encode in the type of business, address, and name of owner, contact information, federal ID number, and the number of employees of the business.

Once the encoding is done, send the forms and the requirements to the city’s finance department. Each city has their own requirements so better check with that one. Next is the payment process. A business license usually ranges from $50 to $400 depending on the business type and in the requirements of the city. Next is you just have to wait for the business license to be released within two weeks.